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Spruce Lane Farms is located just East of Leduc (approximately 25 minutes South-east of Edmonton, Alberta). All our organic buffalo meat is from young, naturally fed bison which results in a very tender and nutritious product.

Buffalo Meat
   All our buffalo are naturally fed grain and grass. No antibiotics, growth hormones or supplements are given.
  Buffalo meat contains only 2 grams of fat in each 100 gram portion (raw, trimmed of visible fat). Buffalo is also a notable source of protein, iron and zinc.

Contact us about organic Buffalo meat
For ordering and delivery information, contact us through . Please note that we are currently not accepting orders for organic buffalo / bison meat.

PRICE LIST (prices no longer in effect):

Steaks $10.00/lb (approx 2 per lb)
Tenderloin $20.00/lb
Roasts $5.00/lb
Stew Meat $5.00/lb
Bulk Burger $5.00/lb
Burger Patties $5.00/lb (approx 3 per lb)
Pepperoni $10.00/lb
Garlic Sausage $5.00/lb
Jerky $25.00/lb
Salami $4.00/lb
Sides $2.50/lb (On the rail)
Smokies $6.00/lb
Short Ribs $5.00/lb

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to accept any more orders for our organic buffalo / bison meat. Please check back soon.

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